Why the PRO Act is a victory for workers and our democracy

Saturday, February 8, 2020
By Alexander Hertel-Fernandez and Aaron Goldzimer, The Hill

The House of Representatives just passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act, HR 2474), and it’s one of the most significant pieces of labor legislation to come before Congress in years. The PRO Act would make it substantially easier for workers to form and join unions and for those unions to negotiate meaningful contracts with employers.

It would do so by extending union rights to workers who have been excluded from the reach of labor law; by introducing real penalties against businesses that break the law when their workers attempt to form unions; by requiring companies to bargain in good faith with unions; and by protecting workers’ rights to use their most powerful weapon — the strike — against employers.

The PRO Act would be good for the economy and good for workers. Unions raise workers’ wages, benefits, and working standards and give them more input into management decisions. One rigorous study of the effect of union strength on state economies from 1940 to 2009 shows no penalty to states with stronger labor movements (if anything, unions might be associated with slightly higher levels of growth).

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