Our Campaigns

Justice for Port Truck Drivers

We are America’s Port Truck Drivers.

Justice for Port Truck Drivers is a campaign of over 75,000 truck drivers organizing for fairness in the port trucking industry by calling on elected government and port officials to enforce labor laws and to protect the public’s interest. With the dedicated support from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, plus many other labor, community, and faith allies, their fight for justice in the trucking industry continues to grow. Truck drivers haul our country’s imports and exports for retail companies, for manufacturers, and for the U.S. Military but face abusive working conditions USA Today recently described as “indentured servitude”.

Good Jobs Nation


Good Jobs Nation is a campaign of low-wage workers who serve America through federal contracts, concessions and leases with private businesses. Yet, while our employers reap billions of dollars in profits from taxpayers every year, they are paid such low wages that they are unable to afford basic needs such as food, clothing, and rent.

They are joining together to call on the President to take executive action to encourage federal contract companies to pay living wages, offer good benefits, and allow them to collectively bargain without being forced to go on strike to be heard.

Fight For $15


The Fight for $15 began in 2012 when two hundred fast-food workers walked off the job to demand $15/hr and union rights in New York City. Today, it’s a global movement in over 300 cities on six continents.

McDonald’s and low-wage employers everywhere are making billions of dollars in profit and pushing off costs onto taxpayers, while leaving workers in a struggle to survive.

Fight for $15 has already won raises for 22 million people across the country – including 10 million who are on their way to $15/hr – all because workers came together and acted like a union. And they will keep on fighting, no matter the challenge.

Calling Out T-Mobile


Calling Out T-Mobile’s mission is to make the country’s fastest growing cell service provider live up to the pro-consumer promises it has failed to fulfill. Cellular service has become a utility-like necessity for many in our society, especially for low-income consumers and communities of color who heavily rely on mobile devices for phone and Internet access. We believe these consumers are particularly harmed by T-Mobile’s misleading advertisements and aggressive debt collections practices, and are working with a broad coalition of consumer, civil rights and labor organizations to push for reforms that will lead T-Mobile—and the cellular industry—to be more accountable to all consumers.

Investigate Amazon

Amazon, long dominant in the e-commerce space, is rapidly consolidating market power and ramping-up anti-competitive practices to maintain their position.

Now, a group of major labor unions—and Change to Win—are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into anti-competitive behavior by Amazon.

Unions Calling for Immediate FTC Action:

  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters
  • Communications Workers of America
  • United Food and Commercial Workers
  • Service Employees International Union