Walmart Continues its Strategy of Denial

Friday, December 7, 2012

Below is a shocking account of a fire that left at least 112 people dead at a clothing factory in Bangladesh (predominantly used by Walmart). These innocent working people were all killed because the companies that use the factory thought the cost of improving safety wasn’t worth these peoples’ lives.

Horrific Fire Revealed a Gap in Safety for Global Brands - New York Times 

If you thought Walmart couldn’t get any more despicable, documents have emerged that show Walmart knew about the major safety risks in the factory, and refused to make basic improvements because it would cost too much. “Walmart’s efforts to evade accountability make a mockery of its pretensions to be committed to protecting the rights of workers in its supply chain,” said Scott Nova, the executive director of the Workers Rights Consortium.

Documents Undermine Walmart Account on Deadly Bangladesh Fire - The Nation

Conservative pundits are actually trying to spin this tragedy to score points against unions in America, which about as low as it gets. This fire is just another piece of evidence that Walmart doesn’t care about the workers in its supply chain, and you don’t have to go to Bangladesh to see the abuses. In Warehouses across America, workers are being subjected to atrocious working conditions. If things don’t change, what is to stop a similar tragedy from happening on American soil?

Jon Stewart Mocks Walmart, Hostess Defenders For Vilifying Unions - Huffington Post  

“Even the business community (the ones who care about the country and its people anyway) recognize that things are waaaayyyyout of balance, and we need labor unions to push back against the greed. Working people can’t take on the immense power of giant corporations alone, People banding together so they have collective power at least have a chance.” 

Why We Need Labor Unions After All - Before it’s News

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