Romney’s view: Corporations are people, union members are not.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Romney thinks corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited amounts on political campaigns, but wants to pass a national law that bars union members’ dues from going toward politics. So in Romney’s head, corporations are people, but the hard-working men and women in labor unions aren’t...

Romney favors restrictions on union dues - San Francisco Chronicle

The GOP is already trying out Romney’s union-busting plan in California, where Prop. 32 would cripple unions and their ability to fight for workers’ rights.

Labor mounts massive effort to get out vote and defeat Prop. 32 - L.A. Times

Under President Obama, we have seen private sector job growth for 33 consecutive months. We are on the path to getting out of this mess, but putting Romney and the policies of George W. back in the White House is NOT the answer.

Payrolls rise sharply, giving Obama some relief - Reuters     

Walmart and Target have a lot in common, but the HUGE similarity this piece completely left out: both retailers will stop at nothing to keep unions out, and workers’ wages and benefits at extreme lows. Getting good paying jobs in retail is already an uphill battle, but we have no doubt it would become even harder under a Romney presidency.

Wal-Mart, Target battle but have more in common than you might think - Washington Post

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