Dear Walmart, Give your Workers Something to be Thankful for.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walmart workers across the country are planning a nation-wide strike on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. If you are wondering why, ask the Walmart contracted warehouse worker who toils in back-breaking conditions just to have their wages stolen, and then faces retaliation for speaking out, or the Walmart Associate who works full-time, but still has to collect welfare because Walmart’s wages are so low.  

Walmart Black Friday Strike Being Organized Online For Stores Across U.S. - Huffington Post  

If you needed any more reasons why Walmart workers are walking off the job, see below. 

Why Walmart Workers Are Striking On Black Friday - Think Progress

If Walmart claims the upcoming Black Friday strikes are just a “publicity stunt,” why are they seeking an injunction from the NLRB to stop the strikes? Could they be getting a bit nervous?  

Labor Unions Show Solidarity With Walmart Workers - Fire Dog Lake

What Walmart doesn’t understand is that none of these strikes, protests, and walkouts would even occur if they would just treat their workers with respect. In a time when the Walton family owns more wealth than the bottom 40% of Americans combined, we think they can afford to give workers a decent wage with benefits, instead of squeezing them for everything they can.  

Walmart rattled by growing unrest ahead of Black Friday's strike - The Guardian

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