“Coming Tuesday (Hopefully): The State of the Union's Economy…”

Monday, February 11, 2013

“The State of the Union provides a unique opportunity to focus the entire nation's attention on the central issue you want the nation to help you take action on.” We need President Obama to focus “on the joblessness, falling real wages, economic insecurity, and widening inequality that continue to dog the nation.” These are the largest obstacles we face as a nation, and until we resolve them, nothing else can get done. 

Coming Tuesday (Hopefully): The State of the Union's Economy - Huffington Post 

White House officials said President Obama will vow to “use the power of his office to recapture robust job growth and economic expansion,” by strengthening the middle class. It’s clearer than ever that Congress won’t do its job, so let’s make sure the president knows we need him to take action to get us back on the right track. 

In Address, President Will Focus on the Middle Class - CNBC

For months, President Obama has been urging Congress to offset the $1.2 trillion in sweeping spending cuts set to kick in on March 1.With just three weeks left to act, the White House is pressing the fact that the across-the-board cuts would hurt the…middle class.”

White House warns sequester will hurt middle class - CBS News

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The great American middle class wasn’t something that just happened – it was built brick by brick. It was built by soldiers returning from war and a government that repaid them by giving them a shot at college.