Instacart provided some contract workers with stickers and fliers promoting controversial ballot measure that decides their fate

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
By Sara Ashley O’Brien, CNN Business

With just weeks left until Election Day, Instacart attempted to leverage the labor of some of its workers to promote its messaging about a controversial California ballot initiative, the outcome of which will shape how gig economy businesses operate in the state and whether workers are treated as contractors or employees.

According to screenshots posted this weekend by Vanessa Bain, an Instacart shopper and co-founder of a nonprofit called Gig Workers Collective, Instacart prompted a shopper to “retrieve one Prop 22 sticker and insert and place it in your customer’s order” before delivering. The shopper could select “found” if the materials were in stock at the store, or “not found,” if out of stock.

Instacart confirmed to CNN Business that inserts and stickers were available over the weekend in the staging area at one store in the Bay Area for shoppers to add to orders. It said it does not currently plan to expand the effort but would not explain why it was only offered in one store for one weekend.

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