Workers Announce Strike on Black Friday; Laane: Public Money is an Investment in the Community; San Francisco passes Retails Workers Bill of Rights

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's finally Thanksgiving! The Black Friday shopping begins this week, you know what that means right? Wal-Mart workers from across the country will walk off their jobs to speak out against poverty pay and erratic scheduling, calling for $15 an hour and full-time work. Martha Sellers, who has worked at the Wal-Mart for 11 years at the Pico Rivera, Cali. story said, “it hurts to talk about being that hungry.”

In the run-up to Black Friday, Walmart and strikers wage a war of words - Washington Post

Wal-Mart workers aren't the only ones going hungry. The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (Laane) is giving hope to workers, and the economy by ensuring taxpayer dollars go to good paying middle class jobs. Madeline Janis, Laane’s national policy director said, “Public money is an investment on behalf of the community and taxpayers. We’re saying that the developers who receive the benefit of public investment should give a return on that investment to the community.” In Los Angeles, 121,000 workers have benefited from $2 billion in economic benefits from Laane's work.

The Fight for $15.37 an Hour - New York Times

The City of San Francisco, which has the second highest income inequality rate in the country, unanimously approved the Retail Workers Bill of Rights. The legislation is expected to pass a second vote by the Board of Supervisors and be signed into law by the mayor in the next few weeks. The package of bills would help employees of chain stores and restaurants achieve consistent schedules.

Victory! Retail Workers Bill of Rights Unanimously Passes First Vote in San Francisco - Bill Moyers

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