Supreme Court Anti-Union Ruling; Rosie Needs Respect, Government is the Top Low-Wage Employer of Women

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Supreme Court ruled this morning that some government workers don't have to pay union dues that prevent non-union members from freeloading the benefits, higher wages and better labor standards union members are afforded. Justice Alito wrote that home-care aides would be classified as partial public employees and would be able to opt-out of paying dues. Organizing is the most effective way for working Americans to stand up to corporations who want to make high profits, while the

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Some Public Workers to Opt Out of Union Fees - New York Times

A living wage is crucial for today's low-wage workforce, because many aren't only providing for themselves, but for their families. Hundreds of federal contract workers went on strike dressed as the historic Rosie the Riveter while marching to the National Zoo. The strike was a protest and strike to demand that President Obama recognize their union. It's was 80-plus-degrees with chants like “Rosie needs a raise!” A greeter at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, Joanne Kenon said, “The struggle is that we do not make enough money to be able to survive.”

‘We need respect’: Meet the new ‘Rosie the Riveters’ [VIDEO] - Washington Post

Just blocks away from the White House Summit on Working families workers from the Pentagon, Union Station, Smithsonian Air & Space and the Ronald Reagan Building came together asking the President to let them unionize, so that they no longer have to strike and face retaliation. The workers said "$10.10 isn't enough" and they need a living wage, decent healthcare, paid time-off and paid sick days.

Contract Workers Strike: Government Is the Top Low-Wage Employer of Women - Bill Moyers






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