No Minimum Wage Protections for Many Workers; Bangladesh Workers Recount Preventable Tragedy; Exorbitant CEO pay is Driving Income Disparity

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not every low-wage worker has to be paid the minimum wage. You heard that right. Disabled workers under federal law can be paid below minimum wage if their employer applies for a special certificate. Small businesses making under $500,000 that don't do business across state lines can pay anyone below federal minimum wage and anyone under 20 years old training for a job can be paid $4.25 an hour for the first 90 days of employment. 

Many low-wage workers not protected by minimum wage - CNN Money

Wages are even worse for workers in the garment industry in Bangladesh, where a year ago an eight story building collapsed killing 1,100 workers. A survivor from the Rana Plaza building collapse describes how there was a visible crack in the side of the building and how fearful workers were of going inside to work.

After Bangladesh Factory Disaster, Efforts Show Mixed Progress - NPR

With the exorbitant pay top executives take home every year, it’s no wonder they show no concern for poor working conditions or the minimum wage. Excessive CEO compensation is driving the disparity between the wealthy and middle class to lower income earners. "This pay imbalance between ordinary workers and top executives is actually contributing statistically more to income inequality and wealth inequality than previously had been thought."

Overpaid CEOs, what have you done for us lately? - CNBC

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