Federal Government: Don't do Business with Thieves!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Congressional Progressive Caucus sent a letter this week to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez asking the Department of Labor to speed up investigations at Union Station and the Ronald Reagan building. Food-service employees at federal buildings in Washington say they have been denied overtime and paid subminimum wages.

Keeping Track: April 2, 2014 - New York Times

 Victims of wage theft in federal buildings need more than to be paid back their stolen wages. The federal government needs “strong enforcement of wage-theft violations and consideration of those violations in future contract-award decisions would send a clear signal to contractors that the federal government will not do business with law-breakers,” the Congressional Progressive Caucus clarified in a letter to Labor Secretary Perez.

Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for stronger action against wage theft - Washington Post

"Law-breakers shouldn't be awarded the same contracts as companies who don't break labor law. Kim Bobo calls on the President to "send a message to the CEOs of profitable corporations like McDonald’s that they can no longer get away with illegal and abusive practices like wage theft."

Mr. President, how about a side of back-pay with that executive order? - The Hill

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