The President Signed the Executive Order for Federal Contract Workers!

Friday, February 14, 2014

On Wednesday, Good Jobs Nation workers and advocates joined the President at the White House for the signing of an executive order that will raise federal contract worker pay to $10.10 an hour and raise tipped worker pay to $4.90. "The order, which applies to new and renewed contracts, could lift the wages of up to half a million people."

That’s an Order! - New York Times

"Obama is affirming the dignity and worth of all working people. As the CEO of the federal government, he is also sending a powerful message to the CEOs of private corporations that they too must honor their workers with just wages." Read more from Sr. Simone Campbell and Rev. Michael Livingston:

 An executive order with moral authority - Washington Post

 "This is what we went on strike for last year," Alexis Vasquez said. Alexis said it was a great feeling knowing the President was on his side. "I'm supporting my father, who lost his job as a parking valet last July, and my younger sister who's still in high school," said Alexis, who had been saving money to go to college to study architecture.

Worker wage hike: 'What we went on Strike for' - CNBC

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