VICTORY! Justice for victims of Labor abuse! Low Wage Smithsonian workers win representation, but Federal Contractors Among the worst labor law violators.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Labor abuse is common and widespread in the United States, it's not even safe for those working under federal contracts in government buildings in Washington, D.C. For instance, Antonio Vanegas worked at the food court of the Ronald Reagan Building. He was recently designated a victim of labor abuse crimes and granted a one year authorization to work in the United States with eligibility to apply for a special visa — U visa — given only to victims of serious crimes.

Worker Who Reported Wage Theft Gets Reprieve From Deportation - Huffington Post

Smithsonian food-service workers are finally organized and represented by a union for the first time EVER! It's a major victory after a series of one-day strikes led by Good Jobs Nation. Smithsonian workers have finally secured a seat at the negotiating table to advocate for better wages and working conditions.

Union to represent low-wage food workers at two Smithsonian museums - Washington Post

Our country pays $500 billion a year to private companies that employ 22 percent of the nation's work force, and they pay some of the lowest wages. It's no surprise these companies continue to increase their executive pay while their workers continue to struggle and rely on public assistance. But to make matters worse, federal contractors are among the worst violators of federal labor laws.

When Federal Contractors Break Federal Labor Laws - New York Times

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