Faith Leaders Demand Fair Pay and Justice for Low-wage Government Contact Workers; Another Deadly Factory Disaster in Bangladesh; Oracle's Pay Practices are Out of Control

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creating good jobs through taxpayer dollars doesn’t just make good economic sense, it’s also morally right. So say leaders of several different faith denominations in the Washington Post. They ask President Obama to set an example and bring justice to these workers. Morality demands it. 

COMMENTARY: Federal workers deserve a living wage - Washington Post/RNS/Daily Me

It's upsetting to know the federal government allows contractors to pay workers poverty wages. But the recent tragedies happening in Bangladesh due to poor working conditions are catastrophic. On Tuesday, 10 people were killed and dozens injured in a fire that swept through a garment factory in Bangladesh. This isn't the country's first garment factory disaster, in April the Rana Plaza factory in Savar collapsed killing 1,100 people and in November of 2012, at least 111 people died in a fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory. 

Deadly Fire Hits Bangladesh Factory - Wall Street Journal

There is something wrong when some are making money hand over fist, while others continue to struggle to survive. This past fiscal year,  Oracle CEO Lawrence Ellison took home close to $80 Million. But this type of limitless pay practice embodied by Oracle isn't going unnoticed. The CtW Investment Group is expected to send a letter to shareholders on Tuesday, urging them to again vote against the executive compensation by the enterprise software giant at the annual meeting on Oct. 31.

Shareholder Adviser Plans to Escalate Fight Over Oracle Chief’s Pay - New York Times

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