Low-wage Federal Contract Employees Would like to Work, and for Living Wages

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Over the weekend, federal workers could rest easy knowing their compensation won't be affected despite the government shutdown. But for low-wage federal contract employees, who work in federal buildings, the shutdown means no work, no pay, and little recourse. 

During Shutdown, Fast Food Workers in Government Buildings Are Shit Out of Luck - Washington City Paper

How can we fund living wages for low-wage federal contract workers? First, an estimated $23.9 Billion is spent compensating top executives of private contracts that make more than the Vice President of the United States. If we capped their compensation at the VP salary range, the government would see billions of dollars in savings to use towards paying 560,000 contract workers -- who earn $12 per hour or less -- a living wage. 

How the Government Subsidizes Inequality - BillMoyers.com

"As long as corporations work for Washington, taxpayer-funded federal contracts should reflect the values of a democratic social contract." President Obama has the authority to put these values into action immediately for low-wage contract employees instead of waiting on congress to increase the minimum wage. By taking executive action, the President can lift 650,000 federal contract workers out of poverty and lead by example. 

When Federal Contracts Turn Into Corporate Welfare - Huffington Post/In These Times

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