The Wal-Mart Union Prevention Model, Free Online Organizing for Progressives and Fairness for Immigrant Workers in CA

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's really no surprise how Wal-Mart has managed to get away with paying their workers so little and prevented workers from unionizing. Lisa Lopez, a former Wal-Mart employee — who was fired for 'violating a food safety policy' after participating in protests — said, "I think they don't want me to actually let people know what's really going on at Wal-Mart, so they'd rather get rid of me." Firings like Lopez’s aren't shocking — Read more from Josh Eidelson here:

How Wal-Mart keeps wages low - Washington Post

Lowering the barriers for collaboration and online organizing, individuals or small organizations for progressive causes will have access to software organizing tools  — like the famous Obama For America (OFA) campaign — but without the expense.  The Corporate Action Network is transforming the organizing world with the launch of a new software package called, "Advocacy Network" which allows the user to run their own email list, database and petition site.

Hey: Now you can mass-e-mail people just like Obama - Washington Post

"For too long, employers have used the threat of deportation to silence workers who are victims of stolen wages, unsafe working conditions, and abuse on the job," said Eunice Cho, an attorney at the National Employment Law Project. The California State legislature has passed new protections designed to stop employers from retaliating against immigrant workers who stand up for their rights. 

California Legislature Passes Historic Laws Protecting Immigrant Workers from Abusive Employers - The Sacramento Bee


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