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President's Plan for Rebuilding Gulf Coast - No Plan for Working Families

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Change to Win Coalition to Propose Real Solutions for Rebuilding Lives In Addition to Homes That Were Destroyed

Washington, DC - In response to President Bush's speech tonight, the Change to Win Coalition called for more of the focus of the recovery efforts to be on rebuilding the lives of those affected.

"Americans want to hear a real plan for giving hope to the families affected by Katrina," said Anna Burger, Chair of the Change to Win Coalition. "In order to build a new future, the families of the Gulf Coast need good jobs to come back to. We support the call to action released today by the Congressional Black Caucus, which emphasizes ensuring that local residents have the first choice at reconstruction jobs and contracts. American taxpayers have a right to expect that the projects they're paying for are rebuilding lives and sustainable communities through training and jobs for workers in the Gulf Coast region."

The Coalition unions have already sent construction workers, health care workers, truck drivers and others to the area to assist in the relief efforts. In addition to that work, the Coalition will unveil a plan at their founding convention on September 27 that will include an unprecedented training effort to help the displaced workers get back on their feet and play an integral part in the rebuilding of their communities.

"Our next step is to get workers in this area back home and trained to be part of rebuilding cities and towns, hospitals and schools," said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. "The federal government must work in partnership with the community, religious organizations, employers and labor to get this region working again, instead of giving their corporate friends no-bid contracts that increase their profits at the expense of working families."

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