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Change To Win Leadership Says AFL-CIO Has Yet to Embrace Real Change

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Chair of the Change to Win Coalition, Anna Burger, and its Treasurer, Edgar Romney, issued the following statement today regarding prospects for reforming the American labor movement:

"There is a wide gap between current AFL-CIO leadership proposals and true reform. There has been virtually no progress on the major issues under debate, and any action taken since our Executive Committee last met with the federation has been mainly window dressing.

"The current AFL-CIO leadership may be content. American workers are not. The federation has had many opportunities in recent weeks to embrace fundamental reforms that would strengthen labor's ability to make real headway for American workers and did not take advantage of them.

"The AFL-CIO leadership has adopted many of the words and phrases of the Change to Win Coalition without adopting the principles. This is not about using semantics for political positioning; it is about fundamentally changing the labor movement to put it in a position to help American workers make real advances that would value and reward work. That is our only standard, and it is a standard which will guide our actions in the weeks, months, and years ahead."

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