Why We Need Unions

Monday, May 6, 2013

"News reports tell us that more than 500 people have now died and more than 2,500 were injured in Savar, Bangladesh, while the toll in West, Texas stands at 15 dead and over 200 injured. Behind these two disasters is a common thread of greed -- and a common need for unionized resistance."

Mushroom Clouds Over Texas, 500 Deaths in Bangladesh -- That's Why We Need Unions - Huffington Post  

"Big garment buyers like Walmart, H&M and Gap have tremendous power to improve conditions in that market." But historically, industries haven't acted to improve working conditions until hard-working people stood in solidarity to demand better improvements. If we want changes the answer is simple: increased unionization leads to improved safety, and increased wages and rights on the job for workers. 

Worker Safety in Bangladesh and Beyond - New York Times 

"According to the International Labor Organization, 21 million people were victims of forced labor in 2012 alone, and there are currently more than 200 million child laborers across the world. The clothes on our back, the gold and gems around our necks and fingers, the electronic devices in our hands — all are likely the work of one or many forced and/or child laborers."

21 Million People Were Victims Of Forced Labor in 2012 Alone - Policy Mic

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