Walmart Hosts Star-studded Event, While Their Workers Suffer

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise (among others) showed up to Walmart's Annual General Meeting last week to dump praise on the company. Cruise even said that Walmart is a, “role model for how business can address some of the biggest issues facing our world, in ways big and small.” Meanwhile, Walmart has failed to pay most of its workers living wages, has largely turned a blind eye to the death of hundreds of workers in factories due to unsafe conditions, and has even been accused of discrimination based on gender. 

Celebrities praise Walmart management at shareholders meeting - MSNBC

While the celebrities gathered to help Walmart pat itself on the back,  "workers and activists converged on the meeting to demand sweeping changes at the company’s U.S. stores and global factories... to change company practices on wages, safety and unions."

Striking Workers, Bangladeshi Activist Challenge Wal-Mart on Labor Conditions at Stores & Factories - Democracy Now 

Here is yet another example of Walmart behaving badly. A new report alleges that a Walmart shrimp supplier has been subjecting workers to horrendous conditions, including "workers not being paid, being charged excessive fees for work permits and being forced to work in dangerous and unsanitary conditions."

Report Claims Thai Shrimp Processor Abusing Workers - Wall Street Journal 

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