Wall Street Employees Collectively Receive Billions in Bonuses; Cambodian Garment Workers Face Government Crackdown; Workers' Fight Against Wage-Theft

Thursday, March 12, 2015

On average, Wall Street Bank employees earn around $190,000 annually. But guess how much 167,800 employees received in bonuses last year? I won't give it away, but to put it in perspective, it's over the $17 billion that could lift the wages of over 2 million people working in fast-food to $15 an hour.

Wall Street's Yearly Bonuses Could Double the Pay for All of America's Minimum Wage Workers - The New Republic

The minimum wage is low in America, but it's even lower for Cambodian garment workers. After being over worked and underpaid, workers have continued to push for higher wages, facing deadly strikes. Last January, garment workers got a raise of $128 a month. However, this is well below the government's own living-wage calculation from 2013, which found that a living-wage is between $157 and $177 a month.

Cambodian garment workers rise up and face a crackdown - Al Jazeera

When you're living paycheck to paycheck, you're living on the edge of poverty. But it's even worse for many day laborers in Washington D.C., who work for contractors who disappear and wind-up never paying them for the wages they're owed.

Workers' Fights - Washington City Paper

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