Victims of Wage Theft: Tipped Workers, Federal Contract Low-Wage Workers and Software Engineers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TGI Friday's was slapped with a class action lawsuit for underpaying their tipped workers. The lawsuit accuses TGI Friday's restaurant management of using a time-keeping system that shaves hours from employee's records and allows employees to work "off-the-clock" when performing side work, including cleaning the restaurant and preparing food in bulk for customers.

TGI Friday's accused of labor law violations - USA Today

It's a fact that low-wage workers suffer the most when their wages are stolen, but they aren't the only victims. A settlement is expected for 64,613 software engineers in Silicon Valley that say they lost $3 billion in wages from companies like Google, Apply, Intel and Adobe. 

Wage Theft Across the Board - New York Times

It's crazy that wage theft is happening in Silicon Valley among the most profitable companies in America, but can you believe it's happening on government property in Washington, D.C.?  Wage theft victims from the Ronald Reagan Building and Union Station filed complaints to the Department of Labor reporting stolen wages. The Ronald Reagan Building complaint was filed last summer. Currently, both complaints are under investigation. 

Treat wage theft as a criminal offense - Washington Post

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