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Statement of Anna Burger, Change to Win Chair, on Delphi Move to Cut Salaries and Pensions for Workers

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Washington, DC - Delphi's decision to declare bankruptcy and drastically cut salaries and pensions for workers flies in the face of everything our country stands for. At a time when large corporations like Delphi are paying extravagant benefits packages to their top executives, it is irresponsible for those corporations to balance their budgets on the backs of working families.

The Change to Win unions stand unanimously behind the thousands of workers at Delphi whose futures and the futures of their families have been jeopardized by this act. We support the efforts of the Mobilizing@Delphi Coalition in their fight to restore the benefits that the men and women of Delphi have worked so hard to achieve. We remain focused on uniting workers so that they are able to share in the benefits of the new economy, instead of being left behind.

Stephanie Mueller, 202-730-7842 or 202-256-0833

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