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Statement of Anna Burger, Change to Win Chair, on Agreement with AFL-CIO

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Washington, DC - The agreement reached between Change to Win and the AFL-CIO represents a step forward for workers. Change to Win has always encouraged our local affiliates to participate in state and local bodies, and the fact is that they have continued to do so in the absence of an agreement at the national level. This protocol for participation that we've now agreed to nationally explicitly approves of what had been happening all along.

The end result is that the Change to Win local unions who want to partner with the state and local level with state federations and central bodies will be equal partners with the AFL-CIO affiliated locals. And at the national level, Change to Win and the AFL-CIO will each pursue our own strategies for giving workers a voice in their jobs and communities.

Stephanie Mueller, 202-730-7842 or 202-256-0833

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