SOTU: We Hope the President Will Take Action and Help Low-wage Workers

Monday, January 27, 2014

With the State of the Union a day away, low-wage employees under federal contracts sent a clear message last week to President Obama. He must take the lead on income inequality by ensuring American workers are paid a living wage. For those working under federal contracts for low wages, he could sign an executive order.“Too many Americans work full-time for federal contractors and live in poverty,” said Rep. Keith Ellison, co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Pentagon fast-food workers strike, call for higher wages - Washington Post

Who would've thought that federal contractors could break the law and still be able to do business with the federal government. The federal contract problem isn't merely low wages and no benefits, some federally contracted companies are stealing wages and violating safety laws. Tomorrow, the President could take action to make sure the federal government is only doing business with companies that don't break the law.

The Shopping List as Policy Tool - New York Times

Americans will be paying attention tomorrow during the State of the Union, especially American workers who struggle to get by. The President can lead the nation by taking action tomorrow. He could  bypass a gridlocked Congress through signing an executive order that would ensure low-wage federal contract workers aren't paid poverty wages.

State of the Union 2014: What liberals want - Politico

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