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Remarks for Immigration Rally on Capitol Steps by Change to Win Chair Anna Burger

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

March 7, 2006

I am so proud to stand here with you today so together we can send a loud and clear message to Congress to get our immigration laws fixed. Now!

When do we need them fixed? NOW!

Our union was founded by immigrant workers and we remain united by the belief that everyone who works hard in America should have a good job with a paycheck that supports a family, affordable health care, and a retirement with dignity.

We believe in social and economic justice. We believe that what matters is the contribution that every worker makes, not what country you are from.

Immigrant workers do some of the most important jobs in this country -- caring for our elderly and children, teaching our children, cleaning our office buildings and hospitals, and other service jobs.

We all know too well that our broken immigration system allows employers to exploit undocumented workers and drive down pay and benefits for all workers in this country.

Unfortunately, instead of finding sound solutions, some politicians like Rep. Sensenbrenner want to blame hardworking, taxpaying immigrants for every problem under the sun.

Some politicians are trying to turn all of us into criminals. They are trying to divide us, to scare us -- they are even trying to waste billions of dollars to build a 700 mile wall!

America needs real solutions to fix our broken immigration system.

We applaud Senators McCain and Kennedy for introducing comprehensive reform. It's time for the Senate to follow their lead.

Because America needs solutions that reward and value all work in this country. Solutions that are fair to all workers. Solutions that mean a better future for all of us.

America can't afford to wait. We need a solution now.

When do we need it? NOW!

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