President Obama: Sign an Executive Order to Lift Government Contracted Employees out of Poverty.

Friday, September 27, 2013

On Wednesday, 175 federally contracted low-wage workers went on strike and took it straight to President Obama's doorstep. They're asking the President to sign an executive order to ensure government contracts are awarded only to employers that pay living wages. The workers sent President Obama a clear message, he should keep his word and take necessary action to lift an estimated two million workers out of poverty nationwide. 

Federal Contractors, Low Wages - The New York Times

After 19 years cleaning floors and bathrooms in Union Station, Vilma Martinez still earns only $8.25 per hour. Vilma is one of the many workers asking President Obama to sign an executive order to make federal contracted employers pay their workers a living-wage. Workers gathered outside the White House, chanting slogans like "we can't survive on $8.25" in English and Spanish and were accompanied by Christian, Jewish and Muslim clerics. At noon, six workers met with White House officials to discuss their personal stories. 

Low-wage workers at federal buildings rally for higher pay - Washington Post

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., joins the NOW panel to discuss income inequality in the U.S. and low-wage federal contracted workers striking in front of the White House in the hopes of pressuring President Obama to raise their pay.

Low-wage contractors want Obama to raise pay (VIDEO) - Now with Alex Wagner, MSNBC

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