Port Truck Drivers Receive Poverty Wages through Misclassification; Gap Announces Raise for 65,000 workers

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Without a union, companies are able to take advantage of workers. Port Truck Drivers are a perfect example, making fast-food wages or even less. On average, drivers make $9.30 an hour because they are misclassified as independent contractors, not employees, and their bosses get away with not paying minimum wage, benefits or employment taxes."Carol Cauley, a port truck driver with C&K Trucking at the Port of Savannah for the last 9 years, said that because she is an independent contractor, she could make as little as $200 per week, even if she's working full-time."

Why truck drivers are getting dinged on pay - CNN Money

Thousands of port truck drivers are treated as employees in the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and other harbors across the nation, but they aren't classified as employees. The drivers are illegally classified as independent contractors, preventing drivers from unionizing, receiving minimum wage and denying drivers the protections of state and federal labor laws. "I can't drive for other companies and I have no say in setting the rates for the loads I haul," said Dennis Martinez, 28, an independent contractor at the Port of Los Angeles who has a wife and four children.

Labor group claims port trucking companies treat drivers unfairly - LA Times

Last week, the President signed an executive order to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10. He called on private companies to do the right thing and raise wages. In a surprising move, Gap informed its employees yesterday that it would set $9 as the minimum hourly rate for its United States work force this year and then establish a minimum of $10 next year.

Gap to Raise Minimum Hourly Pay - New York Times

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