New EO Makes Contractors Qualify for Taxpayer Dollars; Bangladesh Workers Seeking Justice; Is Income Inequality Affecting More Women than Men?

Friday, August 22, 2014

The New York Times Editorial Board chimed in this week not long after the President signed another executive order for federal contract workers. The EO advised federal procurement officials to ensure the federal government isn't contracting with repeated labor law violators who cheat, steal, sicken and harm their workers. The Editorial Board ended with writing, "contractors who oppose the order seem to have forgotten that they are bidding for taxpayer dollars. They are not entitled to contracts; they must qualify."

The Right to Cheat and Maim? - New York Times
Bangladesh has some of the worst labor conditions, and it hasn't improved since a factory fire killed 112 people and another factory collapsed killing 1,200 people, injuring 2,500 who were mostly women. The victims' families and those continuing to suffer from poor labor practices are fighting to end worker abuse in Bangladesh, and bring justice to garment factory workers.

Bangladeshi factory owner, out of jail, accused of more worker abuse - Al Jazeera

In America, women are far more likely than men to work in minimum wage jobs, and many of those women are raising a family on their own. “Inequality is rising among women as well as men, but at the bottom, women are struggling with some dimensions of these problems that men aren’t, which is raising and supporting these families as single heads of households.”

Among the Poor, Women Feel Inequality More Deeply - New York Times







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