FDR's Populism Lives on; LA Workers at Big Hotels Win $15 an hour; Americans No Longer Believe in the American Dream

Thursday, September 25, 2014

At a time when the middle class is struggling and workers aren't reaping the fruits of their labor. We all can find hope that populism is alive and well. Ken Burns’s 14-hour PBS documentary “The Roosevelts” in so many ways reminds us that we are living in a country shaped by FDR, and that his legacy will live on in this new generation of populist movements.

New Deal liberalism lives on - Washington Post
"No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country," FDR once said. Unfortunately, many businesses in the U.S. pay far less than a living wage, but hope is not lost. The fight for $15 an hour was won yesterday for those working in Los Angeles at large hotels. Workers will soon make $15.37 an hour, which is among the highest minimum wage hikes in the country.  

L.A. City Council approves minimum-wage hike for hotel workers - LA Times

If we paid everyone a living wage more working families would believe in the American Dream. About 72 percent of Americans believe the economy is still in a recession according to the Public Religion Research Institute. And, close to half who once believed in the American Dream don't believe it exists anymore.

Why half of U.S. adults no longer believe in the American dream - PBS Newshour

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The great American middle class wasn’t something that just happened – it was built brick by brick. It was built by soldiers returning from war and a government that repaid them by giving them a shot at college.