Elected Leaders Finally Taking Action to Help America's Low-wage Workers

Monday, May 11, 2015

After federal contract workers went on strike calling for living wages and a union, Charles Gladden a US Senate cafeteria contract worker shocked Capitol Hill when it was revealed he is homeless. Catherine Rampell, a Washington Post columnist, reconnected with Charles a few weeks after she first broke the story. Gladden told Rampell he was thankful for the financial support, but hopes that "his situation will inspire greater support for policies that help homeless and low-wage workers more broadly," like a Model Employer Executive Order.
‘Band-Aid’ solutions for a homeless Senate worker - Washington Post

For working parents, it's oftentimes a struggle to balance work and family life even with a nine-to-five schedule. Now imagine how hard that would be working two jobs in either the retail or food service sector, where schedules are usually inconsistent from week-to-week. That's one of the many reasons fast-food workers across the country are calling for a union. Workers need to have a voice when decisions on scheduling, time-off, sick days and related issues are being decided.
The next labor fight is over when you work, not how much you make - Washington Post

Last week fast-food workers cheered as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announced the establishment of a state wage board which would examine and recommend raising wages for New York's fast food industry. But Gov. Cuomo didn't stop there, yesterday he created a new task force to conduct nail salon investigations after a report by The New York Times revealed widespread health, safety, wage and hour violations in New York's nail salon industry.
Cuomo Orders Emergency Measures to Protect Workers at Nail Salons - New York Times

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