DOL Sec. Perez talks labor; Not so shiny Dimon

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In an interview on Tuesday, US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez promised effective enforcement of federal employment law, celebrated U.S. unions’ increased collaboration with non-union non-profits, and defended the administration’s appearances at events with Wal-Mart. “The right to organize is a big part of what needs to happen, in my judgment,” Perez told The Nation, “as we grow the middle class and recover from the worst recession of our lifetime.” 

US Labor Secretary: 'The American Workplace Has Evolved' - The Nation

On Monday, JpMorgan Chase & Co’s board added two new directors in hopes of balancing power and reining in Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, who piloted the largest U.S. bank through the financial crisis. These directors don’t have the outside perspective the bank needs, said Michael Pryce-Jones, a spokesman for the CtW Investment Group. "Bringing in someone who was a former deputy of Jamie Dimon's is absolutely the wrong move, and Michael Neal worked for a too-big-to-fail financial company himself.”   

UPDATE 3-JPMorgan's board takes some power from Dimon - Reuters

The JpMorgan Chase & Co’s board announced Monday that they added two new directors after Ellen Futter and David Cote resigned from drawing widespread criticism for their lack of banking industry experience. The largest U.S Band has since been under fire for trading losses, countless government investigations and numerous shareholder complaints.

Even the NYC Elections Have a JPMorgan Chase Angle; Have You Heard How 'Strong' Its New Board Members Are? - American Banker

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