College Graduates are Low-wage Workers; Wage Theft is Rampant, 90% of Fast-food Workers are Victims; Wal-Mart Lost $3 Billion from Cutting Hours

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Imagine being tens of thousands of dollar in debt and making minimum wage. It's happening, Debbra Alexis, a 27-year-old Victoria's Secret employee has a bachelor's degree in health sciences. Today, a higher education won't guarantee you a good paying job. About a quarter of a million people, who have a degree, make $7.25 or less an hour. According to a recent NELP report, 58% of the jobs created during the recent economic recovery are largely low-wage positions like retail and food prep workers.

260,000 graduates in minimum wage jobs - CNN

And it gets worse! Today, out of 1,088 fast-food workers, 89% said they have been forced to do off-the-books work, have been denied breaks and were refused overtime pay. In the Los Angeles, 81% of fast-food employees in Los Angeles said they have experienced wage theft.

Nearly 90% of fast-food workers allege wage theft, survey finds - LA Times

Talk about bad decisions. Wal-Mart received an expensive wake-up call this week. It appears it’s practice of denying workers enough hours has backfired. The company realized they were losing $3 Billion by not keeping their store shelves stocked. “It’s hard because I know the item is in the backroom,” said Edick, who works in Chicopee, Massachusetts. “We just don’t have the people to put the stock out.”

Wal-Mart Sees $3 Billion Opportunity Refilling Empty Shelves - Bloomberg

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