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Change to Win Coalition Submits Amendments for AFL-CIO Convention

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Change to Win Coalition this week submitted its amendments and resolutions to the AFL-CIO Executive Council for consideration at the July Convention. In a cover letter to the AFL-CIO, the Coalition leaders stated: "We seek a strong and united labor movement, a movement with the will, strength, and leadership to undertake the changes in entrenched and outmoded structures and thinking that stand in the way of a truly dynamic Federation that can be an effective voice for workers and their families."

While the AFL-CIO Officers proposals were made to sound a lot like the Change to Win Coalition's proposals, a review of the amendments and resolutions will reveal the stark contrast between the proposals of the AFL-CIO officers and the Change to Win Coalition. The Change to Win Coalition amendments and resolutions call for a major overhaul of AFL-CIO procedures, governance, and direction.

"It is vital that democracy reign at the Convention," the Coalition leaders said today. "Our reform package should get a roll call vote in Chicago. Delegates should be allowed to vote on a democratic basis, and not have their voices smothered by Convention rules that contrive to tilt the voting structure toward those opposed to reform."

The more than twenty amendments and resolutions are available at the Change to Win website. Resolution and Amendment categories follow:

    * Amendments to Provide for Convention Representation and Voting that Reflect the Membership of the Federation (Article IV, Sec. 4(a)-(b), and Article IV, Section 18)
    * Resolution and Amendments Encouraging Participation of Unaffiliated Labor Organizations In Central Labor Bodies and Trade and Industrial Departments (Articles III, XII and XIV)
    * Resolution and Amendments Committing the AFL-CIO To Empower Today's Diverse Workforce And Ensure Diversity At All Levels Of Leadership And Member Participation
    * Amendment Expanding Participation on the Executive Council (Article X)
    * Amendment Creating Executive Committee of the Executive Council (Article XI)
    * Resolution and Amendment Supporting Strategic Union Mergers (Article III, Section 8)
    * Resolution on Coordination and Cooperation in Organizing and Bargaining (introducing Amendments on Per Capita Tax Rebate, Industry Coordinating Committees, and Protecting Workers' Contract Standards)
    * Amendment providing for a Rebate of Per Capita To Support Organizing in Core Jurisdictions (Article XVI, new Section 9)
    * Amendment Creating Industry Coordinating Committees and Core Jurisdiction (new Article XVIII)
    * Amendment to Protect Workers' Contract Standards (new Article XXII)
    * Resolution and Amendment Establishing Affiliate Accountability In Organizing, Bargaining, Political Action and Membership Mobilization (new Article XIX)
    * Amendment to Strengthen Article XX, Settlement of Internal Disputes
    * Amendment to Strengthen Article XXI, Organizing Responsibility Procedures
    * Resolution on Financial Responsibility
    * Resolution on Access to Health Care
    * Resolution on Retirement Security
    * Resolution Uniting Workers Across Borders

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