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Change to Win Coalition Chair Anna Burger Sets Direction for New Labor Movement

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Anna Burger, the newly elected Chair of the Change to Win Coalition, signaled an assertive direction for the Coalition today, outlining several steps to guide the new labor movement.

Burger announced that the Change to Win Coalition will hold its founding Convention this fall. "We will gather to formally endorse a strategy to bring millions more workers into the labor movement," she said. "Our Convention will ratify the core principles that bring our unions together -- a devotion to workers, a dedication to organizing, a commitment to diversity, and an adherence to democracy."

On this last point, Burger stressed today that the Coalition would insist on the rule of democracy at the AFL-CIO Convention later this month.

"The current AFL-CIO structure does not allow workers' voices to be heard," she said. "The Coalition has proposed an amendment to the AFL-CIO Constitution to change the representative formula to make it reflect the membership base of each federation affiliate. The Convention should adopt this amendment to ensure that democracy reigns in Chicago."

Burger announced today that the Coalition would operate in accordance with its entire package of proposed Resolutions and Amendments, even if the reform platform is defeated at the AFL-CIO Convention.

"We are deadly serious about the need to overhaul the labor movement." Burger emphasized. "The changes we want to make to the AFL-CIO are the only way to bring unions into the 21st century. At our founding Convention, the Coalition will adopt this platform in our Constitution and Bylaws. In every area -- governance, finances, organizing, diversity, etc. -- the Coalition will walk its talk." (A copy of the Coalition's proposed Resolutions and Amendments is available on its website.

Burger was elected last week as the Chair of the Change to Win Coalition. The Coalition, which was formed on June 15, is a new alliance devoted to creating a large-scale, coordinated campaign to expand the American labor movement.

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