Bernie Sanders Joins Federal Contract Workers; Walmart Found by NLRB to Have Threatened Workers; Delta Worker Fired for Appearing in Video Calling for $15 an hour

Friday, December 12, 2014

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders joined low-wage federal contract to call on the President to raise wages for them to $15 an hour and ensure federal contracting companies respect workers' rights to collectively bargain. In the MSNBC clip Sen. Sanders says, "what we are saying to the United States government is that the wealthy cannot have it all!" Bernie Sanders lays out economic agenda (VIDEO) - MSNBC

On Tuesday, Walmart Strikers had a big win when an administrative judge found that Walmart threatened employees and unfairly disciplined them for trying to organize workers in two California stores. Geoffrey Carter, NLRB Administrative law judge who made the decision found that Walmart's "July 2010 dress code is facially unlawful because it is overboard and unduly infringes on the rights of associates..."
Judge sides with California workers in Walmart labor dispute - Reuters

Delta workers, much like Walmart workers are calling for at least $15 an hour. A Delta baggage handler and union advocate was fired after he appeared in a video online explaining that his company pays less than $15 an hour and that "a lot of the better paid workers also understand that the bottom has to be raised otherwise the top is going to fall."
Fired Delta worker fights to get his job back - CNN Money

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