Bad Jobs Report Leading up to Government Shutdown; CEO Pay Ratio Rule Shines Light into Income Inequality; 80 Wal-Mart Employees Walked Off

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The September employment report painted a disappointing economic picture of what is to come in the next month's report, which includes the economically damaging government shutdown. Luis Chiliquinga, who earns $8.35 an hour at the McDonald's inside the Air & Space Museum was locked out of his job during the shutdown. “Workers like me, we were already living day to day and paycheck to paycheck,” he said. 

Delayed Jobs Report Finds U.S. Adding Only 148,000 Jobs - New York Times

Corporate management doesn't want to admit it, but the CEO pay ratio rule -- recently proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission -- will help investors change corporate environment for the better.  And, more importantly, create greater public awareness surrounding America's income inequality issue.

CEO-to-worker pay gap is obscene; want to know how obscene? - LA Times

Last week, about 80 workers walked off their jobs at a Miami- area Wal-Mart to protest their cutback hours. Wal-Mart's human resource representative asked to meet with each unhappy employee individually, but the crowd of protestors answered back "all of us or none of us." 

Walmart Workers Strike At Miami-Area Store - Huffington Post



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