200 Adjunct Professors Successfully Form a Union; New York State Requires Nail Salons to Post Manicurists’ Bill of Rights; Ohio “Bans the Box” on State Government Applications

Monday, June 1, 2015

Last week, over 200 part-time adjunct professors at Ithaca College organized and successfully formed a union with the Service Employees International Union. Sarah Grunberg, teaching in the Sociology department said: "This will not only make the college stronger as a whole but will also continue to set an example nationally that part-time faculty deserve better working conditions and that coming together can and does facilitate positive change."
Ithaca College Part-time Faculty Join SEIU Local 200 United - The Lansing Star

In hopes of improving working conditions for manicurists in New York. Effective immediately, every nail salon in New York is required to post a bill of rights in plain sight for nail workers and their customers. Thanks to The New York Times for their investigative reporting which revealed widespread exploitation in the nail salon industry, manicurists in New York will now be aware of their employee rights.
New York Nail Salons Now Required to Post Workers’ Bill of Rights - The New York Times

For those living in Ohio who have served their time in prison and are looking for work, Ohio just became the 17th state to 'ban the box' on state government applications. "The box" is on job applications that prospective employees must check to disclose past convictions. By removing it, ex-offenders will have a better chance at finding work.
Ohio 'bans the box' on state applications - The Associated Press







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