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What the wealthy and well-connected figured out is that they have strength in numbers:  the numbers of dollars they contribute to politicians. It’s time working and middle class Americans use our strength in numbers to reclaim the American Dream. We need a counterweight to the power of big money – and that’s the power of big numbers, the power of ordinary people who work for a living demanding to have our voices heard – from the workplace to Washington.

That is why over 5.5 million workers united to create Change to Win – if corporations can join together to hire an army of lobbyists, working and middle class Americans must also band together and restore balance by making sure we have a strong voice and a seat at the table again.

Through innovative organizing campaigns in the private-sector economy, we work every day to ensure that working and middle class Americans can use our strength in numbers to reclaim the American Dream – a good American job with good American benefits for everyone who wants it.

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There was a time when jobs in the auto, steel, electrical, rubber and other manufacturing industries were considered low-wage jobs. Through union organization, these "low-wage jobs" became "good paying jobs, with good benefits" that led to the creation of America's middle class and defined the elements of the American Dream. Millions of those manufacturing jobs have been eliminated or shipped overseas in recent years.

Jobs in today's growing service sector are the "low-wage" jobs of today. Whether it is caring for the sick, attending to hotel guests or transporting goods across the country, these jobs cannot be outsourced to foreign lands. They are critically important to the economy and to the quality of life in this country. Nowhere is it written that these jobs must be low wage-low benefit jobs. In fact, the wages and benefits of service workers that are represented by a union today are substantially higher than those that are not.

Workers built America's middle class by organizing themselves into unions. Unions made the American dream a reality for millions of workers.Change to Win makes it possible to do it again.

The central objective of the Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center is to unite the 50 million American workers who work in industries that cannot be outsourced or shipped overseas into strong unions that can win them a place in the American middle class -- where their jobs provide good wages, decent working conditions and a voice on the job.

The Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center:

  • Coordinates the work of affiliates in organizing campaigns
  • Works with affiliates to develop and implement plans to generate large-scale growth
  • Provides a hub for Change to Win unions to come together to integrate their organizing programs and launch large-scale organizing campaigns
  • Leverages the collective resources of the affiliates for growth
  • Provides cutting edge strategic campaign research
  • Develops and leverages global alliances for growth
  • Serves as a comprehensive research resource on the middle class crisis.

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Good Jobs Now!

The great American middle class wasn’t something that just happened – it was built brick by brick. It was built by soldiers returning from war and a government that repaid them by giving them a shot at college.