About Us

Change to Win is an organization committed to improving the lives of working people.

We are a democratic federation of labor unions representing more than 4.5 million working men and women. We believe in the power of collective action to serve as a counterweight to corporate interests, and big money in Washington.

Through innovative campaigns in the private-sector economy, we strive to ensure that every working person has a living wage, benefits to support their family and dignity in retirement. We work with union-sponsored pension funds to protect retirees under threat from Wall Street greed.

We fight for not just jobs, but good jobs: safe, equitable workplaces where all employees have a seat at the decision table. We stand against racial injustice and discrimination in all its forms, and believe in holding corporations who don’t live up to these values accountable.

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Leadership Council

James P. Hoffa
Chair, General President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Mary Kay Henry
Secretary-Treasurer, President, Service Employees International Union

Teresa Romero
President, United Farm Workers of America

Christopher Shelton
President, Communications Workers of America

Affiliated Unions

International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

United Farm Workers of America (UFW)

Communication Workers of America (CWA)

Our Mission

There was a time when jobs in the auto, steel, electrical, rubber and other manufacturing industries were considered low-wage jobs. Through union organization, these “low-wage jobs” became “good paying jobs, with good benefits” that led to the creation of America’s middle class and defined the elements of the American Dream. Millions of those manufacturing jobs have been eliminated or shipped overseas in recent years, and those that remain pay considerably less in wages and benefits.

Jobs in today’s growing service sector are the “low-wage” jobs of today. Whether it is caring for the sick, attending to hotel guests, transporting goods across the country or providing services on behalf of the government, these jobs cannot be outsourced to foreign lands. They are critically important to the economy and to the quality of life in this country. Nowhere is it written that these jobs must be low wage-low benefit jobs. In fact, the wages and benefits of service workers that are represented by a union today are substantially higher than those that are not.

Workers built America’s middle class by organizing themselves into unions. Unions made the American dream a reality for millions of workers. Change to Win works with its affiliated unions to make it possible to do this again.

And unions representing manufacturing workers are fighting back. They are organizing the unorganized workforce in their traditional sectors and fighting for fair trade policies that protect American jobs.

The goal of the Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center is to unite the 50 million American workers into strong unions that can win them a place in the American middle class — where they earn good wages, have decent working conditions and a voice on the job.

The Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center:

Through cutting-edge research and innovative campaigns, the Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) advocates for both workers and consumers across a wide range of industries, such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

Our work is anchored by a belief in equitable, safe workplaces and strong protections for American consumers against unfair business practices.

We offer strategic insights to affiliates and allies, leveraging our collective resources to increase the power of organizing and advocacy campaigns across the nation, and around the globe.